www.fabcomlive.com | FabCom is a strategic full service marketing and advertising agency specializing in the one to one marketing techniques of Neuromarketology through cross channel, cross media marketing campaigns. | Overview On the Leading Edge of Brain Science When a particular marketing challenge warrants it, we also use a number of leading edge technologies in the field of neurology. This “brain science” or as some say, “,” when combined with our other data, allows us to confirm our confidence in strategic recommendations by knowing your customers’ minds — literally. The three leading edge modalities in the field of are brain scans (to show blood flow within the brain), and quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG), the latest development of the more familiar EEG, which measures electrical brain activity. A form of magnetic resonance imaging is also used to measure activity within the brain. By monitoring a segmented subject’s response to various stimuli and questions, we can acquire a better understanding of how your customer thinks and reacts to products, services and marketing communications. This ensures the hyper-relevance of the messaging we create. By studying activity in the brain, combines the techniques of neuroscience and clinical psychology to develop insights into how people respond to products, brands, and advertisements, and how they make decisions about them. “The big
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