Brian Holloway, hired by 279 Fortune 500 companies shares his insider knowledge regarding the new economy. The message is hard hitting, sober and frank. “We are in a new place. We are still falling. And not everyone is going to make it…” say’s Holloway. “I heard it communicated loud and clear one afternoon at Harvard’s Business School….you’ve got to go out and kill something.” More on, high powered, relevant, compelling message for the perfect time. It’s much too serious for despair.

Self-Published Author R. Lynn shares what she loves about BookRix, the online community connecting readers and writers, to BookRix Director Amber Sims Hinterplattner while at Book Expo America BEA 2011 in New York City, NY. Recently, Author R. Lynn turned down a traditional publishing opportunity to become a BookRix sponsored author as BookRix launches their author services this year including eBook distribution and print on demand POD. She talks about how BookRix can help writers and authors get to the next level and who a few of her self-publishing mentors are currently including Amanda Hocking and JA Konrath.
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3 Responses to Digital Marketing & Social Media Drive BUZZ. You must focus and execute.

  1. AuthorRLynn says:

    @wingser12 Thank you so much! I appreciate all the blessings i get!!!

  2. wingser12 says:

    Good luck in the future! Blessed be, young author!
    You may know me as BloodFang for bookrix. 😀 Good luck and Blessed be!

  3. AuthorRLynn says:

    eEEHK I was so nervous, i kept giving Amber my crazy eyes! (These come out when i least expect it!) PS Bookrix is awesome!

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