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25 Responses to Article Marketing & Proof It Works

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  2. AlonsHipsle says:

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  4. admnaffii says:

    Article marketing is really a very impressive way to rank up any website.I love it.

  5. erdgv says:

    @launchjacking1 Ezine has a monthly visitor of 7.5 million. After Google update and change their Search engine algorithm , it is now getting 1.5 million visitor per month. Correct me if I’m wrong..

  6. TheReviewsnow says:

    The best advice if your going to do article marketing do your research first on how majority of these kinds of sites are being affected by google search engine changes.Majority of the top article sites (content farms) lost more then half their visibility on search engines not saying you will not get traffic from these sites but with them losing visibility their will be less traffic? then what they had before.

  7. KillerVideoReviews says:

    Always good to see stuff like this…

  8. launchjacking1 says:

    How has Google’s algo change affected article marketing?

  9. TheFreeStuffSystem says:

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  10. marketingontheweb1 says:

    Very interesting. I appreciate your comments!

  11. jeffherring says:

    I love it when people say that Article Marketing does not work, because it simply gives guys like you and me to demonstrate how very well it does work.

    Nice job with this video…

    ~ Jeff Herring
    Article Marketing Guy

  12. beliefmail says:

    the article-exchange site has PR0, should that be a concern?

    btw which sites you submit the generated articles to?

  13. getweb123 says:

    Any Internet Marketer that ignores article marketing is a ……..

    nice vids and reinforce proven traffic strategies

  14. troymoneymaker says:

    thanks for your video. I know for a fact that it works. I have just recently added article marketing to my arsenal and my article hit the top of google in about a week or two. just google “inexperienced online marketing” and you will see my article. there are some techniques that you have to use to have that kind of success but anybody can do it if they seek the knowledge!

  15. therobfore says:

    Love the idea of debunking the myth that article marketing doesn’t work. I’ve found it does work, if you work it – meaning you need to produce valuable content, submit it, and then promote the article to get back links so it will rank. Your video and articles rank high BECAUSE you promote them. Great work. Thanks for sharing.

  16. TheCarlJohnson123 says:


  17. psvideo02 says:

    This is a great help to me, Keith, as I had been sort of floundering about, not able to make any article marketing strategy work. I’m signing up now! Thanks

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  19. AyannaShana says:

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  20. articlemarketingdude says:

    Yes you’re right, article marketing works great. And duplicate content really is a myth. You can rank even with duplicate articles if you know how to do it right.
    Good video.

  21. kurthenninger says:

    Awesome video keith. I’m a huge fan of article marketing as well, but that article directory script is an outstanding twist on it.

    I love it and just installed one on a top level domain.

    Great job!


  22. BentonCahill says:

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  23. ryansteinolfson says:

    Keith, your a rock star. I’m taking the Google Domination course with you and I really want to chat with you about using article marketing for promoting videos.

  24. WebsiteTrafficz says:

    yep… nice video!

  25. internettopmentor says:

    I love your vid! Good work. Check mine too on?? my channel.