media is all about conversation — real conversation that is. Are you taking your too far? Watch what happens when a media marketer crosses the line by getting ‘too ’ in the real world. This video from is made possible through the collective efforts of folks in Tucson, AZ. Our special thanks to the brilliant cast and crew for their time, especially to Cheauharn “Chewie” Mon, Daniel F. Webster, Sally Porter Ray C. Merrill, and Eddie Bolero for such an awesome job! Written and Directed by Seth Webster

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10 Responses to A Lesson in (NOT) Social Media Marketing

  1. gariouscom says:

    @ohmanitsdannn thanks for watching my vid. dude!

  2. ohmanitsdannn says:

    hey look its greg!

  3. gariouscom says:

    @happyhh70 Thanks.. we’re definitely excited about it!

  4. gariouscom says:

    @snaggurl That’s supposed to be a paradox, I guess. Thanks!

  5. gariouscom says:

    @poppawheelie59 you’ve got eagle eyes, I’d say 🙂

  6. poppawheelie59 says:

    I noticed th T F G in the picture frame, sneaky.

  7. snaggurl says:

    now this is what i call ‘social media marketing in the real world’ — Garious rocks!

  8. happyhh70 says:

    Garious is kicking off the year with a hot promo…gr8 job 🙂

  9. gariouscom says:

    @poppawheelie59 Hey thanks… can you imagine someone like that for real? 🙂

  10. poppawheelie59 says:

    Nicely shot and edited you guys, good luck with the promo, Ray.