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Jim Prentice interviewed by CBC’s Search Engine. Prentice took a 10 minute interview and I don’t think his answers will be impressing anybody.
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8 Responses to 3 Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips

  1. pmadesk says:


  2. ushapaul355 says:

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  3. d4m7s8 says:

    So, just to make this clear … When Prentice says “creator,” he means “owner of the intellectual property.” He means Warner Bros., not a song’s writer or performer, for instance. Right?

  4. jbmop says:

    So, if this bill passes, than the entertainment industry will suffer greatly. Since dvds have locks on them and individuals become $20 000 criminals for breaking those locks, people will resort to the “lesser of evils” which is downloading the media from p2p programs. If this bill does pass, I will no longer attempt to purchase dvds to put on other media, but download it for free on the internet since it would only cost me $500 as opposed to $20 000 if I were to be caught.

  5. jbmop says:

    It’s incredible how Jim Prentice can live his life, he is scum! He is an absolute ass, and he knows it. He sold out, that’s what he did, and that’s why he is ruining our country and turning his back on our citizens.

  6. emperorinsaino says:

    Cool video. It’d be slightly more effective if the final countdown didn’t go down to 0:00, but it’s clear that it’s not 10:00 due to the YouTube timer at least.

    “…the consequences of doing it [breaking a digital lock] for an individual consumer, are minimal.” $20,000 lawsuit is a minimal consequence for who? Does Prentice keep $20Gs in his sock drawer or something, and a lawyer on retainer?

  7. DaikaijuGojira says:

    It is so obvious Prentice has no idea what he is talking about or what the consequences are to Bill C-61. He calls DRM “technical” for crying out loud. This is a very well put together video though…its nice to see the facts so clearly placed along side Prentice’s false/dodging statements.

  8. ReedSolomon says:

    what a douche. and a liar.